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Budget Fashion and Prescription Glasses

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Having been wearing and trialling these Cat Eye Frames from glassesshop.com for a while, I think it's finally time for me to write down my thoughts on the product. I was a little bit cautious about ordering glasses online, although it was very easy to do. At only $19.95 (around £16) for the frames, they can be quite a bargain. The final cost depends on the add-ons which you choose to have, for example an antireflective coating to reduce glare costs $4.95 more, and a UV protective coating, again, costs an additional $4.95.

I don't actually require any prescription glasses and so I have been wearing these with plain glass as fashion lenses for the past few weeks. I have absolutely loved wearing them and I've had many compliments on them, even though I wasn't sure whether I would suit a cat eye style. I didn't have the anti-glare coating on them although in hindsight I wish I had done this, as the cost is small and it improves the appearance of the glasses largely, especially in photos. Nevertheless these are a great way to change up your look on a budget, and look great when you are required to look smart and professional.

Glasses Shop also provide a variety of prescription sunglasses which I think is amazing at the low cost that they are - my Mum has worn glasses since she was a child but never buys sunglasses because of the cost of prescription shades. I'm considering buying her a pair of these for Christmas (if I can secretly find out her prescription strength).

The glasses took a while to arrive (a couple of weeks) as they arrived from China, although they were well packaged and include a glasses case and cleaning sheet to help keep them clean. To get 50% off eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses, use the code GSHOT50.

*This post contains PR Samples

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  1. I'm so surprised how cheap these are. That's annoying they take a while to arrive, I guess you can't have everything though x

    LAURA ­| Laura Thinks About

  2. These are so cute! The shipping is not that bad - I've had stuff take one whole month to ship from Asia