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I have been trying to integrate more tailored items into my skincare routine recently as I have become quite slack and one of the items that I've been trying in particular is the CelluBlue.

The CelluBlue* is designed to reduce cellulite by use of a suction system, which massages the skin and over time reduces cellulite. With promises of a difference within 3/4 weeks, I was intrigued to see whether the cellublue could make promises which previous creams and such that I've tried have been unable to keep.

The first things that I noticed when my CelluBlue arrived in the post was the quality of the packaging and the dust bag which it arrives in - the dust bag is not a necessity but having a place to store it really helps given that the Silicon appears to collect dust pretty easily. There are also a page of instructions provided with images which make it very easy to use the CelluBlue to it's full potential, I wouldn't have had a clue where to begin with the cellublue without them!
To use the cellublue effectively, it should be used with oil on the skin to ensure that the skin doesn't bruise and it is comfortable. Once on the skin, pressing in the cup causes a small vacuum and allows you to massage the skin with the cup in small motions. You can adjust the strength of the vacuum to whatever suits you - I tend to use it lightly as I don't think it is worth feeling uncomfortable, but I have been building it up gradually and with time.

I'm now a good 5-6 weeks into using my CelluBlue and I definitely think I have seen some improvement, I can only begin to imagine what the difference would be if I were using this alongside eating more healthily and exercise too. I think the biggest issue with the CelluBlue is having to use it everyday to see best results - admittedly I can only blame my laziness for this as I am rather lazy (which is also probably the ain reason behind my cellulite), but otherwise it is an easy recommendation.

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