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A Tabula Rasa

By 20:28

I've been on the blogging scene since August 2013 - that's almost three years, and I don't think I'm alone when I say I've been completely stuck in a rut. 'Blogger's Block', if you will. Some things happen for a reason, and that's why I took the opportunity to start writing a new blog rather than adapting my previous blog, The Chloe Look.

A lot has changed in three years: I've gone from being a sixth form student to being a university student and juggling two part time jobs alongside a blog is tough, as I'm sure you'll understand. Not just that - my style has changed, photography has improved (or so I like to think) and my writing style has changed with time. I think it's a shame to delete posts that I've written in the past although equally, I find them difficult to read now. And I think that's partly the reason why this change feels so right.

New posts may not be frequent and they may not be of the most professional quality ever, but I'm hoping that second time round I can really start to love my blog again. My goal for now is to be proud of the posts that I upload and to enjoy writing them, and perhaps I'll focus on the stats and numbers at a later date.

I like to think that a new start will give me the opportunity to write about new topics too - I'm hoping to write about my hometown, food and books more frequently which were topics I rarely touched on previously, despite enjoying all of them.

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