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On Thursday, I headed down to the Bullring to check out the Air Optix Colors stand. Air Optix colors are a set of coloured contact lenses which can be used with a prescription to really bring out your eyes. 

At the event I was first invited to use one of their booths to try on different colour lenses digitally to see what the lenses would look like without having to try them on. 
They have a range of subtle colours (Pure Hazel, Blue, Green, Grey and Brown) and also some vibrant colours (Honey, Brilliant Blue, Gemstone Green & Sterling Grey). The booths unfortunately did not work at first (It was nearing the end of the day so I think it had had enough!), although I decided to try the Gemstone green lenses as I wanted to try something different although a colour which would still suit my hair and complexion. 
After deciding which lenses to try, I had my eyes tested to ensure that the lenses would properly fit and that they were safe to put in my eyes. I don't usually require a prescription or wear contact lenses and so getting them in was an experience in itself - it definitely takes a bit of getting used to although it's still not as bad as I had anticipated. Once I had got the lenses in, I had eye makeup applied to accentuate the lenses (what a gorgeous colour!!). 

Left: Gemstone Green
Right: Natural Eye (No Lense)

I absolutely loved being able to wear the lenses and I think they are an unusual way to make a look seem more interesting - I think green in particular is ideal for Spring! What do you think?

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  1. I absolutely love the look of this I have always wanted to experiment with my eye colour if I ever got the opportunity, it's so fun! xx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  2. Love this post =]